Crooked Matt Cartwright:
Unethical. Unprincipled.

Congressman Matt Cartwright has spent years in Washington, D.C. gaming the system to make it work for himself. Rather than fighting for middle-class families, Congressman Cartwright has fought tooth-and-nail to pass legislation that would financially benefit his own family.

His wealth has skyrocketed in Congress yet he’s continued to push for more. And now he got caught. After multiple news outlets exposed his self-dealing, Crooked Cartwright is now facing multiple ethics complaints for wrong-doing and abuses of power.


Congressman Matt Cartwright was exposed for crooked attempts to rewrite the law to give himself a fat payday. The Washington Examiner reported Cartwright repeatedly authored legislation that if enacted would increase payouts to his family’s law firm where he holds a multi-million-dollar stake, a direct violation of House Ethics Rules. Americans get played. Cartwright gets paid.

“…It's blatantly obvious the motives behind the legislation are to economically improve the bottom line [of firms like his],” one observer noted.


Congressman Cartwright’s crooked attempt to use legislation to enrich the bottom line of his family’s law firm was so egregious, an independent ethics watchdog filed multiple complaints to the Office of Congressional Ethics urging a full investigation into the matter.

According to Roll Call, Crooked Cartwright’s blatant misdeeds could now be heading towards a full investigation by the Office of Congressional Ethics.


Matt Cartwright’s unethical attempt to make himself rich landed him an honor he never wanted: an independent ethics watchdog organization - the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust – named him among their 2019 list of Congress’ “worst ethics violators,” citing his obvious conflict of interest.


But Cartwright didn’t just try to get rich in office - he actually did it. According to the Center for Responsive Politics, as of 2016 Matt Cartwright’s personal wealth had skyrocketed while in office.

Since coming to Congress, Cartwright’s wealth has increased 140% to an estimated $6 million … all while on a taxpayer-funded salary.


Making matters worse, Crooked Cartwright is going to desperate lengths to avoid answering questions about his quickly growing ethics problems.

Confronted in the Capitol hallways, Cartwright quickly ducked into the closest room possible to avoid questions and even ran into traffic to get away from a concerned citizen who wanted answers.